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Inside our boxes

We combine nature and learning to centre each box on one theme e.g. birds, so that your child can fully immerse themselves in the topic and learn in a fun way at their own pace.

You can purchase as many or as little of each box as you like- NO subscription necessary.


The boxes encourage outdoor learning for kids, making our boxes a perfect addition to your family adventures or your home education curriculum. 

We include materials and instructions for fun activities to try, including nature craft ideas!

We design worksheets that encourage counting, spelling, creativity and learning about nature and the environment.

Our boxes are best suited for 5-11 year olds

We are conscious of our impact on the earth and try to source materials that are eco friendly, sustainable and compostable


At Learning Labyrinth, we are a family that has a deep rooted connection to the environment that goes back through the generations.


We have experience in Childminding, Volunteering, Art, and Home Education, with qualifications in Art and Design, Outdoor Learning and Business and Enterprise. 


We are passionate about Sustainable living, Education, Wildlife, and Environmental issues and decided to combine these interests to create Learning Labyrinth.  We have long been inspired by Steiner, Montessori, Forest school, and Ancestral living. 

Children have been the main inspiration behind Learning Labyrinth. They are the next carers and teachers of the Earth and we feel it is of great importance to encourage a love of nature from a young age. Our logo is even designed to look like one of our own children!