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Create Bird Puppets

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

These simple rustic puppets are a wonderful craft for all ages. This is a great family activity and can go on for hours if you want to put on a puppet show afterwards! I originally did this craft at a coffee morning with toddlers, who enjoyed the process of making the puppets, but the taped stick did not last long with them. Older children also love this craft, as they can create it unaided. My son and my friends daughter loved making their own unique birds and made them dance and flutter about. I used brown card for the body of my bird but you could use any colours you like. I also originally drew the birds eye on with marker so that's an option if you cant find googly eyes!

To make this you you will need:

Coloured card- (2 different colours for the beak and body)

Googly eyes


A small to medium size stick


PVA glue

To start you need a card circle shape. You can buy a pre-cut shape or draw around a circular object and cut out your own circle.

You then stick on the googly eyes with a small amount of PVA glue.

Then cut out a small triangle shape from coloured card or foam. It needs to be a different colour from the body so that it stands out. Use PVA glue to stick it as shown:

Now glue a feather for the wings. Place it in the middle for a wing, at the edge for a tail feather. You could add multiple feathers if you like!

Your bird is almost complete. Now you need to attach the handle for your puppet. Simply use a small piece of strong tape and press it over the stick and card on the back of your bird, as in the photo.

Now your bird puppet is complete and ready to use! why not make several bird puppets and put on a puppet show for your family!

I hope you enjoy this fun and easy craft! Don't forget to check out our YouTube channel and Instagram page for more ideas. Send photos of your inspired creations to emma@learninglabyrinth.co.uk to be featured on social media. See you at the next craft blog, crafters!



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