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Playdough Bugs

These charming bugs are so simple to make and can be made in different variations for endless possibilities! I was inspired to make these bugs after a garden bug hunt with the children. My 3 year old is obsessed with playdough and asked to make some bugs, so we experimented with three of our favourites: caterpillar, ladybird and snail.

You can use many different colours of playdough to make various colourful or life like bugs. We chose our natural playdough colours recipe, from our Learning Labyrinth playdough making box, to create our bugs.

For the caterpillar, we rolled around 8 balls of slightly varying sizes and placed them in a line, the largest being the head, the smallest towards the end of the body. We rolled two smaller balls of playdough in a different colour for the eyes and pressed them onto the front of the head. For the mouth, we rolled a small thin sausage shape in a third colour, and pressed it onto the head below the eyes.

To make the snail, we rolled one large sausage shape and kept it quite thick (you could taper it thinner on one side). We rolled it into a swirl shape for the shell, leaving some length for the body of the snail. Choosing a different colour again for the eyes and tentacles, we rolled the same shapes as for the caterpillar and gently pressing onto the head area.

We created the ladybird by rolling one large ball for the body and a smaller ball for the head and pressing gently together. We then created spots using white playdough and rolling tiny balls and pressing over the body. We created the eyes in the same was as before, choosing a different colour than the body and spots so that it stood out more. For the legs we rolled 6 small sausage shapes and pressed them underneath the body.

That's it! There are so many bugs you could make using this medium, why not create a new kind of bug! As always, we love to see your creations- please send in any photos to emma@learninglabyrinth.co.uk

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